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Business today is unprecedented thanks to new technology, advanced analytics, global trends and digitalization. Companies need to have strong leadership in place to manage this type of transformation. ChampionScott’s solutions are focused on our clients’ most critical asset – their leaders.

One of the biggest challenges facing boards and CEOs today is developing, attracting and retaining a strong executive talent pool who can step into key roles and fill voids.  Contributing members of leadership teams who unexpectedly move on to other opportunities or performance related departures frequently leave companies scrambling to replace them. In addition, given industry dynamics and strategic growth opportunities, you may have decided that you need new leaders from the outside who can think differently and add new dimensions to your company. Whether you need to fill a new executive role or replace a key leader, the “search” is on and the executive is typically needed “yesterday.”

At ChampionScott Partners, we pride ourselves on recruiting high performance leaders for your businesses, while helping you navigate through an ever changing corporate environment. Our services are focused on delivering the best leaders to help you achieve your goals, thinking through areas of organizational design where external talent could dramatically improve desired outcomes and building out management teams with the right talent to drive growth and value for your end customers.

We customize our services to meet the specific leadership needs of our clients. Our clients tell us that our search services, whether provided individually or combined as a full service executive talent program, produce outstanding results.

Executive Search

Recruiting the right CEO or senior leaders for your company from a global talent pool is no small undertaking.  Our robust network and highly experienced professional staff enable us to quickly identify and recruit accomplished leaders with the right set of ideas, mindset and cultural fit to drive the aspirational goals of your business. Our team leads each search through a rigorous, well-honed process, works closely with our client’s defined stakeholders and allows the hiring executive to remain focused on his/her daily responsibilities.

Why ChampionScott Partners:

  • Sector Experience. We are focused on the global technology sector, which puts us in a unique position to help our clients in industries relevant to them and leverage our  network, resources and current understanding of those industries to find and land the best qualified talent for our clients. Your organization and customers rely on its leaders.  So, you cannot afford to wait six months or, in some cases, even a year – to recruit the right leader.  Our Partners lead each search and take personal responsibility, as though we were the hiring executive, to find the best qualified candidate in the market with a sense of urgency. By design, the number of searches each Partner conducts at any one time is limited and staffed with the proper research and professional team to allow seamless execution of each project. Our clients tells us that our commitment to each search and efficient process enables us to present a shortlist of qualified candidates quickly.
  • Operating Experience. Our Partners are successful C-Level operating executives with experience in CEO, COO and/or GM roles for global private and public technology companies. This perspective enables us, as advisors, to relate to you and your business, to understand your business value proposition, opportunities and challenges, and evaluate talent as if we’re a member of your leadership team or board.
  • Knowledge & Focus. We bring our search and executive leadership experience to your organization, taking the time to understand your company, its strategies, goals and objectives as well as the technology and culture to adequately assess the right leaders. We work as a true partner and extension of your business in support of the hiring executives and the HR community. Every executive search we conduct consists of a ChampionScott Partner, Principal and dedicated team working directly on the project. Our Partners remain committed to each project from launch to completion and our success is directly tied to the success of our client.
  • Global Expertise. New markets are opening and expanding at an unprecedented pace, and you need leaders who have experience in global geographies. Our network and resources of international executives allows us to quickly identify and qualify candidates that have the requisite experience to lead your business.

Leadership Advisory Services

In times of rapid change, growth or survival in some cases, you may need to go beyond hiring one or a few new members of your executive team.  In fact, you may need a team of new leaders who can help you pivot quickly in a new direction or better harness the business value in its target markets.

ChampionScott Partner’s Leadership Advisory Services, is an innovative and consultative approach to building high performance teams. It’s an extended partnership in which we assess, strategize and execute to recruit leaders with the growth and transformation experience required to propel your business forward. Our objective as your partner is to be a trusted source and driving force behind change in your company toward increasing enterprise value.

We dedicate a specialized team of expert consultants to help understand your leadership requirements and build your team in the most value driven dimensions of your business as quickly as possible, allowing you to stay focused on your core business tasks. Our team takes a consultative approach to this service and can tailor it to your company’s unique needs.

Management Assessment

Albert Einstein once said that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” This wisdom rings especially true when it comes to refining management teams. With slow or subpar decision-making, lack of meaningful communication, obstructive barriers between departments and discord among leaders, it’s often difficult to identify root causes and pinpoint the sources that hinder your leadership team and organization.

With our Management Assessment service, our experienced consultants act as trusted advisors who can evaluate development opportunities within your leadership team. Even more importantly, we’ve found that, in most cases, managers are more comfortable discussing their challenges and needs with a trusted outside partner. This allows us access to insights that you wouldn’t normally receive if you replicated this process internally.

We’ll meet with each member of your management team to gain insight into how your leaders operate in their day-to-day responsibilities, how effectively they communicate and how they develop strategies and execute plans. From there, we’ll provide an in-depth report that provides feedback from our assessment and chart a course for further action.

Let us help you with your executive leadership needs.